The CardPointe Gateway provides a convenient RESTful API for integrating secure tokenization, payment, and reporting features into your application or website.

Benefits and Features

  • Write once, integrate anywhere:
    Developer-friendly REST APIs enable you to integrate payment acceptance into virtually any proprietary application or third-party business system, such as Oracle and SAP.
  • Unmatched security:
    The CardPointe Gateway protects your customers and your reputation with CardSecure, CardConnect's patented tokenizer that protects sensitive information from breaches and hacks and takes your applications out of PCI Compliance scope.
  • Built for omni-commerce:
    Create secure profiles using CardSecure tokens to build a seamless omni-channel customer experience in-person and online.
  • Maintain your payment processor of record:
    The CardPointe Gateway is certified for use with multiple payment processing platforms.
  • Accept a wide variety of payment methods:
    Accommodate your customer's preferences for ultimate flexibility.
  • Lowest transaction rates possible:
    The CardPointe Gateway is specially designed for interchange optimization, passing both Level II and Level III data, which ensures that you get the lowest possible rate for each transaction.
  • Reporting and reconciliation:
    The customizable reconciliation solution ensures reconciling cash-to-receipts is integrated and automated. In addition, the CardPointe Gateway collects vital business data, such as settlements, deposits, and statements.

API Documentation

See the CardPointe Gateway API reference for detailed information on the API, and see our Developer Guides for additional helpful information for getting started.