The following Ingenico Bolt Terminal devices are nearing their end-of-life:

  • iPP320
  • iPP350
  • iSC250/iSC Touch 250

As of the fourth quarter of 2021 (Q4 2021), these devices will no longer be available to purchase for use with the Bolt Terminal solution. 

Merchants can continue to use their current devices; however these devices will not be available for new or replacement device orders after Q4 2021

An upcoming release of the Bolt Terminal solution will introduce support for the Ingenico Tetra Lane series of terminal devices. Timing of this release is to be determined; however support for Tetra Lane devices will be available before current Bolt Terminal device availability ends.

Ingenico Lane Series Terminals

The iPP320, iPP350, iSC250/iSC Touch 250 are replaced by Ingenico's Tetra Lane series of terminals.

An upcoming release of the Bolt Terminal solution will introduce support for the following devices:

These new devices provide the same PTS-validated point-to-point encryption that secure your transactions and reduce your scope of PCI compliance today. 

Integrating these new devices with your current Bolt Terminal solution will require minor development work and regression testing. For more information and support, contact isvintegrations@fiserv.com.

The following table describes the migration path for current Bolt terminals to their corresponding replacement devices:

Current Bolt TerminalReplacement Bolt Terminal
iPP350Lane/3000 or Lane/5000
iSC250/ iSC Touch 250Lane/5000 or Lane/7000


Can I continue to use my existing iPP320, iPP350, or iSC250/iSC Touch 250?

Yes, current devices will continue to be supported for use with the Bolt Terminal solution; however, after Q4 2021 only Tetra Lane series terminals will be available for new or replacement device orders.

Will I need to update my Bolt Terminal integration to support the Tetra Lane series?

    Yes, minimal development work and  regression testing is required to integrate these new terminals. For more information and support, contact isvintegrations@fiserv.com.

    What's new or different for Tetra Lane series devices?

    Currently, the Tetra Lane devices do not introduce any new hardware-based features or functionality compared to your current Bolt Terminal devices.

    How much will the new devices cost?

    Tetra Lane device pricing is not yet available; however, pricing should be comparable to existing Bolt Ingenico terminals.


    For questions and additional support, contact isvsupport@fiserv.com.