The Bolt Desktop solution combines the CardSecure and CardPointe Gateway APIs and the PCI-validated P2PE Bolt Desktop card reader device to provide a simple and secure in-person payment integration for desktop and ERP applications.  

Features and Benefits

The Bolt Desktop solution extends the following features and benefits to your desktop client and ERP applications:

  • The PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) combination of the Bolt Desktop device and CardSecure keeps customer's payment data secure.
  • RESTful APIs make integrating CardSecure tokenization and the CardPointe Gateway payments and transaction management simple.
  • The Hosted iFrame Tokenizer provides a simple, PCI-compliant tokenization integration for your web application.
  • Keyboard emulation makes capturing data from the Bolt Desktop device easy.
  • CardPointe reporting and transaction management provides real-time access to your business' financial information via the CardPointe application or CardPointe Gateway API.

Bolt Desktop Components

The Bolt Desktop solution includes flexible APIs and the Bolt Desktop card reader device to integrate secure card-present tokenization and payments with your application.

Application Integration

The Bolt Desktop solution includes several different integration methods, depending on your software and business need, including:

  • CardSecure API - Integrate the CardSecure API to securely capture and tokenize card data within your client application.
  • Hosted iFrame Tokenizer - Integrate the Hosted iFrame Tokenizer to securely capture and tokenize card data within your web application.
  • CardPointe Gateway API - Integrate the CardPointe Gateway API to accept payments using the payment card tokens, and to take advantage of the CardPointe Gateway's stored customer profile and transaction management and reporting features.

If you're an Independent software vendor or developer looking to integrate Bolt Desktop payments with your ERP or desktop client application, see the Bolt Desktop Developer Guide to get started.

Bolt Desktop Device

The Bolt Desktop card reader device (ID TECH Augusta) is an EMV (chip) and MSR (magnetic stripe) card reader device that offers simple plug-and-play usability. The device encrypts card data at the point of interaction, ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is never exposed to your environment. Additionally, the device supports EMV Quick Chip, allowing you to accept EMV payments much more quickly than standard EMV.

The Bolt Desktop device uses keyboard emulation to return card data to your application as though it was typed on a keyboard.

See the Bolt Desktop Device User's Guide for more information on setting up, using, and troubleshooting the Bolt Desktop device.