The Bolt Terminal solution is a cloud-based integration that makes it quick and easy to add secure payment acceptance to any point-of-sale application. With a suite of terminals equipped with EMV and contactless payment technologies and point-to-point encryption, you can offer quick and secure payments to your customers.

Features and Benefits

The Bolt Terminal solution extends the following features and benefits to your Point-of-Sale environment:

  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) ensures that cardholder data is instantly encrypted, tokenized, and secured.
  • The RESTful Bolt Terminal API makes integrating Bolt terminals with your POS application easy.
  • Our suite of Bolt terminals from Clover and Ingenico offer a wide range of device types to suit your payment needs.
  • EMV and contactless (NFC) payment technologies provide your customers with the latest in payment methods. 
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi (select devices) connectivity keeps your devices online and connected to Bolt's cloud-based services and your POS system.
  • CardPointe reporting and transaction management provides real-time access to your business' financial information via the CardPointe application or CardPointe Gateway API.
  • Compatibility with the CardPointe Virtual Terminal and CardPointe Mobile app enables you to accept card-present payments from the Virtual Terminal without development work.

What's New?

A new version of the Bolt application for Ingenico terminals is now available.

This update to the Bolt Terminal app will introduce the following new features:

  • Support for Ingenico Telium TETRA series terminals, including:
    • Lane/3000 (replaces iPP320 and iPP350)
    • Lane/5000 (replaces iSC Touch 250)
    • Lane/7000 & Lane/8000 (replace iSC Touch 250)
  • A password-protected Admin Menu for enhanced security.
  • Customizable beep settings to control the volume, tone, and duration of the terminal's beep sounds.
  • A PIN-bypass option, to allow customers to skip PIN entry without canceling the transaction. 

See the Bolt Ingenico Terminal User's Guides for more information on these new devices and features.

If you are upgrading from an existing terminal to a new Lane series device, and you use a custom wallpaper or logo images, you may need to test and adjust your images to display properly on the new device.

Bolt Terminal User Guides

See the following guides for information on setting up, using, and troubleshooting your Bolt terminal.

Bolt Clover Terminal User's Guides

Bolt Ingenico Terminal User's Guides

Bolt Terminal Developer Documentation

If you're an independent software vendor or developer looking to integrate the Bolt Terminal solution with your application, see the following technical documentation for detailed information: