CardPointe Integrated Terminal

Date Updated: 10/18/2022

Our Bolt family of integrated solutions is becoming CardPointe Integrated Payments.

Over the coming weeks, your terminals will receive an update with minor changes, including an updated default theme and branding for terminals that are not configured with custom branding.

Terminals will update automatically during the nightly reboot window; therefore, we ask that you leave your terminals powered on and connected to your network overnight. Once your terminal is updated, you may notice the following changes:

  • If you are using the default device wallpaper and theme, the Bolt wallpaper and logo will change to CardPointe Integrated Terminal.
  • The Bolted and Unbolted statuses will change to Connected and Disconnected, respectively.

Additionally, for Ingenico Lane terminals, the PIN entry prompt for EMV PIN Debit cards will now displays the following additional information:

  • The Application Label, which describes the EMV application name read from the card (for example, "US Debit").
  • Instructions for bypassing PIN entry:

    "Press the Red X to Cancel or the Green Circle to Bypass"