CardPointe 1.35 Release Notes

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CardPointe release version 1.35 contains the following new features and updates:

CardPointe Marketplace Refresh

The CardPointe Marketplace is your one-stop shop for terminals, add-ons, and plugins. We've given the Marketplace a refresh to make it easier to browse our current product offerings. Check out our new Marketplace support page which includes a new addition to the Marketplace family: Clique.

To access the Marketplace, simply log in to CardPointe and navigate to the Marketplace tab.

Simplified Funding Details

Your funding details just got easier to understand! We've updated the Funding Details page by providing a breakdown of the sales and fees amounts that you incur for each funding event. To access the Funding Details screen:

  1. Click Reporting.
  2. Select the Funding tab.
  3. Choose a date from the "Funding Date" column to display the Funding Detail screen.

Filter Gateway Batch Transactions by Date

You can now filter Gateway Batch transactions by a range of dates using a new "Date" filter on the Gateway Batch detail screen. To access the Gateway Batch Detail screen:

  1. Click Reporting.
  2. Select the Gateway Batches tab.
  3. Choose a Batch Number from the table to display the Batch Detail screen.
  4. Select the Date filter at the top of the table to select a range of transaction dates to filter on.

New Reporting Filter: Server # (Clerk ID)

Attention restaurant and other service-based merchants - you now have the ability to filter your transactions reports by "Server #." This field, also commonly known as “Clerk ID” on CardPointe terminals, is used by merchants who wish to assign their employees unique identifiers for reporting and tracking purposes. This practice is commonly used in a restaurant environment so that servers can track their net sales and tips. As such, CardPointe terminals that are programmed with a restaurant configuration now have this field enabled by default.

Manually Enabling the Clerk ID Field on a CardPointe Terminal

If you'd like to manually enable this setting on a CardPointe terminal:

  1. From the main screen, press # to display the Admin Menu.
  2. Press 2 to display the  Clerk Menu.
  3. Press 5 for Clerk Prompt.
  4. Select either 2 for ID only, or select 4 for ID and Name.

Additionally, you can contact CardPointe Support for assistance.

When the "Clerk ID" field is enabled, the terminal will prompt you to enter either the Clerk ID, Server ID, or Cashier ID before entering a sale amount, depending on your preference.

Adding the Server ID Filter to CardPointe Reports

To add this filter to your reports in CardPointe, navigate to the Reporting > Transactions screen, click the Columns dropdown and check the box next to Server #.

As transactions accrue on your terminal(s), you can refer to this field in your reports to view transaction activity for a particular clerk, server, or cashier. To learn more about Reporting in CardPointe, check out the CardPointe user documentation.