CardPointe 1.36 Release Notes

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CardPointe release version 1.36 contains the following new features and updates:

Save Receipts as PDF Files

In addition to printing receipts, you can now save them as PDF files.

To save a receipt as a PDF:

  1. On the Transaction Detail page, click Print Receipt.
  2. Select the Save as PDF option to download the receipt as a PDF.

Ability to Specify the Customer's Default Country for Virtual Terminal Transactions

If you currently capture the customer's country in the Virtual Terminal sales form, you can now configure a default value to pre-fill this field.

To specify a default customer country value:

  1. On the Administration page, select the Virtual Terminal tab.
  2. On the Virtual Terminal tab, scroll down to the Customer Settings.
  3. Ensure that the Country option is set to Active, and select a value from the list in the Default Value column.