A convenient alternative to bank loans, Clover Capital purchases a set dollar amount of a merchant’s future credit card receivables at a discount. In exchange, the merchant receives cash, making it simple to turn future sales into working capital with clear and easy payback terms. Merchants can use their cash advance to upgrade equipment, refresh their space, hire new employees and more - a key benefit as merchants work to adapt to their new normal.

  • Quick Approval
    • The qualification process is much speedier than traditional loans - approvals typically take 1-2 business days.
  • Fast Funding
    • Once approved, merchants will see working capital in their bank account in just 2-3 business days.
  • Easy Payback
    • Payments are a fixed percentage of sales, not a fixed amount. This means payments are higher when sales are strong and lower when sales are slow.
Clover capital


Merchant Benefits

  • Generous Qualification Criteria: Less stringent qualification guidelines than traditional bank SMB lending programs
  • Fast and Convenient: Basic application, minimal documentation needed and a simple payment process through withholding card receivables and single consolidated statements
  • High Approval Rates: Credit decision in <2 days from application and an 85% approval rate for merchants who meet minimum qualification requirements
  • Merchant Friendly Policies: No collateral, no personal guarantee, no fixed term, no fixed payment amount, no predatory fee structures and no aggressive collections tactics
  • Pay without Fear – Pay only based on sales produced through split funding of card receivables and experience no exposure to costly ACH overdraft fees by avoiding lockbox approach
  • Ease of Re-enrollment – Simple renewal processes to get additional capital once a consistent payment history has been established (usually within just 4–6 months)

ISO Benefits

  • Product Differentiation – Ability to offer a working capital options to clients who may not meet the standards for traditional bank lending products (for example: term loans, LOCs)
  • Risk-Free Insights – Ability to see whether a merchant can graduate to becoming a creditworthy bank borrower without taking any risk for potential renewal program
  • Merchant Friendly Program: Fast application process, simple documentation requirements, high approval rate and credit approval and funding within days
  • Merchant Retention: 80% of merchants renew their advance at least once and must remain on CardConnect processing over the payment period

To get started with clover capital, please contact your CBE

Merchant Experience

Merchants can log into https://getcapital.clover.com to check their application status.

Step 1

Merchant clicks the 'APPLY' link in their invitation email


Step 2

Merchant completes contact page by creating a password


Step 3

Merchant replies to SMS message to confirm identity

Picture1 png4

Step 4

Merchant tells us how much and why they need the capital

Picture1 png5

Step 5: 

Merchant accepts terms of credit check

Picture1 png6

Step 6

Merchant's application is submitted

Picture1 png7

Step 7

Merchant is presented with offers

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Clover Capital in Real Life

Purchase Price$15,000
  • Historical average has been $10–15K
  • Eligible amount based on 100–130% of avg monthly credit/debit card processing volume
Factor Rate1.29
  • Range is typically 1.10 to 1.29
  • Adjusted based on advance amount, merchant risk profile and expected payment period
Purchase Amount
  • Purchase Price x Factor Rate
  • Amount does not change regardless of whether merchant pays faster or slower than expected
Withhold Percentage
  • Range is typically 10–20% to ensure merchant’s cash flow is not impaired
  • Recovered through split funding of submitted daily terminal batches
Expected Payment Period

~7 months

  • Target range is typically 5–10 months
  • Variable payment term – fluctuates based on merchant’s actual vs. expected processing volumes


Is personal or business credit pulled?

Yes – if recent credit information isn't on file. However, soft credit pulls are only performed, as credit is one of the numerous factors used to make an approval or decline decision for Clover Capital. 

Is Clover Capital only available to Clover merchants?

No – Clover Capital is simply the brand name given to our merchant cash advance program for SMBs. 

Can merchants leverage Clover Capital if they already have an existing creditor obligation?

We prefer such existing obligations be paid down fully with the funds received through Clover Capital.

Can merchants have more than one Clover Capital advance?

Merchants can request an additional advance once they've made 60% of the payments on their current advance (for advance amounts >$5,000). 

Please note, merchants cannot have multiple Clover Capital advances open under the same MID.