Security breaches are a big deal - Clover Security protects businesses from hackers and malicious software to reduce liability in the event of a breach.

The state-of-the-art, multi-layered security and compliance solution, Clover Security (aka TransArmor Solution), provides more comprehensive data security to a merchant's payment processing service to ensure their customers’ data and their business are protected from a potential data breach. This product also helps businesses stay current with the ever-changing payments industry requirements and remain compliant. Clover Security provides a combination of encryption and tokenization to protect data at every processing stage - in transit and at rest.

Data Protection is the latest encryption and tokenization technology that helps protect cardholder data from the moment a card is swiped in a merchant’s payment system. Encryption protects data on the frontend and tokenization protects data at rest by removing card data from the merchant's environment post-authorization.

The Clover Security Bundle includes:

  • Card data encryption + tokenization (with an eligible device)
  • Detection and defense of malicious software
  • Liability waiver of up to $100,000
  • Easy PCI compliance
  • Expert support

Clover Security also offers bundles to include:

  • PCI Rapid Comply only
  • Data Protection only
  • PCI Rapid Comply and Data Protection

Features + Benefits

  • Accept All Payments: Protection for all payment types, from swiped cards, EMV chip cards and mobile payments
  • Increase Payment Security + Protect Cardholder Data: Multiple layers of protection make sensitive data significantly more secure and safeguarded against cybercrime - both in transit and at rest
  • Minimize Liability: Decrease responsibility in case of a data breach with extra coverage from the liability waiver*
  • Reduce PCI Compliance Burden: Clover Security eliminates cardholder data from a business' environment through encryption and tokenization, thus minimizing the scope of regulatory responsibilities
    • Merchants can assess their compliance level with PCI Rapid Comply via a fast, easy questionnaire

*Up to $100,000 per location, up to five locations, for card association costs in the event of a data breach.

Backend Platform Availability

  • Omaha backend
  • North backend (FACS + FDS)

Client Type Availability

  • Retail ISO
  • Wholesale ISO

Terminal Availability

Visit the PPO Grid on firstdataclients.com for more information:

Clover Security POS Terminal Solutions

Once 'Show List of Devices' is selected, only terminals that allow TransArmor will be displayed.

Third Party POS Solutions

TransArmor Data Protection can be added to existing merchant accounts via a Merchant Service Center (MSC) request if the merchant is using stand-alone terminals or GGe4/Payeezy. All other types of TransArmor Data Protection require assistance from the Implementations Group. You must complete and submit the Enhanced Acquiring Solutions Intake Form (found on firstdataclients.com).