This article describes legacy solutions for integrating PCI-validated P2PE tokenization and payment devices. See the Bolt Integrated Payments Solution for information on our current EMV-certified integrated payment solutions.


In addition to the Bolt Integrated Payment Solutions, the CardPointe platform continues to support legacy device integrations. 

Merchants and partners who use these solutions significantly reduce their scope of PCI compliance while increasing the security of their cardholder's data. Our point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution ensures that data is encrypted upon read, rendering it useless to any malware that may be downstream. 

P2PE devices and encryption keys are securely stored and managed in our terminal management system (TMS) - no merchant has access to encryption keys. TMS also allows over-the-air updates, support/troubleshooting insight, and the ability to disable devices, if needed.

Device Integration Process

Generally, the device integration process includes the following steps: 

  1. Integrate your application with the appropriate tool/API/SDK for your needs (see left pane).
  2. Using an approved device, test the communication between it (the device) and your application.
  3. From your application, retrieve encrypted card data and make one of the following requests using our APIs:

Supported Devices

Terminal DeviceLegacy Solution
Ingenico iPP3xx series & iSC Touch 250PANpad
IDTECH SREDkey2 & SecuRedPANpadMag-Stripe Data Integration
Magtek MagneSafe & iDynamo*Mag-Stripe Data Integration