The non-EMV integration described in this article is considered a legacy solution. See the Bolt Desktop Solution for information on integrating MSR and EMV tokenization and payments.


The CardPointe platform supports simple integrations to MagTek devices (USB or Mobile) to tokenize payment cards using the CardSecure API or Hosted iFrame Tokenizer, and then use the token to submit an authorization request using the CardPointe Gateway API.


To integrate either MagTek or ID Tech MSR devices your application must meet the following requirements:

Application Server

  • Must be built on a web-based or distributed architecture
  • Must be able to read data input from the device using its specific connection type, defined below.
  • Should include offline processing capabilities

Terminal Device

  • Connection Types: 
    • USB
    • 30-pin
    • Lighting port
    • Auxiliary
  • Supported Hardware
    • ID Tech
      • SREDkey 2 (USB)
      • SecuRed (USB)
    • MagTek
      • MagneSafe (USB)
      • iDynamo 4 (30-pin)
      • iDynamo 5 (Lightning)
      • uDynamo (Auxiliary)


For more information, see the MagTek Device Integration Guide for technical guidelines and details on the MagTek devices that are supported for integration. 

Device specific SDKs can be found on the MagTek Support site.