To better facilitate our partners' API testing and release validation efforts, we are enhancing the CardPointe Gateway release process.

Starting September 16, 2019, your application should no longer target port 6443 when sending requests to the UAT environment. Instead, ensure that your application targets the UAT and PROD environments using the following URLs: 

  • UAT: https://<site>-uat.cardconnect.com
  • PROD: https://<site>.cardconnect.com

What Do I Need to Do?

If your integrated application currently targets https://<site>.cardconnect.com:6443 for requests to the UAT environment, update your application to use https://<site>-uat.cardconnect.com instead. 

The port value is no longer necessary for either UAT or PROD requests, and should not be used.

If you do not update your application's UAT URL, you might experience issues in your testing process, for example delayed availability of the release in your test environment or unexpected interruptions or downtime.

Additional Support

For questions or assistance, contact support.