This article outlines the process of exporting your current customer vault from the CardPointe Gateway to be imported to another platform. 

Our Data Migrations team handles the secure, PCI-compliant transfer of your customer vault and provides additional guidance for migrating from CardPointe. 

Important Considerations 

The CardPointe Gateway is fully compliant with the strict requirements defined by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) for storing and transmitting customer vault data. 

Merchants and the receiving platform must agree to the safe handling and file management requirements outlined in CardPointe's Data Transfer Agreement (DTA). Failure to comply with these requirements will result in your data migration request being rejected. The DTA will be provided by your Sales or Merchant Support Representative for review. 

Exports may also entail a fee. This fee will be included in the Data Transfer Agreement.

The Data Migrations team cannot edit the DTA or related fees. Processing will only begin following your acceptance of the DTA and related fees.


Depending on the complexity of the data migration project and your place in the queue, this process will take approximately 30 days. This process begins once the DTA and any related fees are submitted. The process also requires the coordination of your future provider, which can affect the duration of the project.


The processing cost of your data migrations request will be provided alongside the corresponding DTA. This step will be administered by your Sales or Support representative.

Export Data Format

Exports may be requested in two formats:

Data Migrations will only service these two export formats. We cannot accommodate deviations from the above templates.

Full Profile

Full Profile exports will be provided in the following format:

Below are examples of these data forms in Excel (.xls) files available for download. 


Token-Only exports will be provided in the following format:

Data Transfer Method

To remain compliant, the Data Migrations team must confirm that the merchant's new gateway provider is PCI-compliant before beginning data migrations. 

The Data Migrations team must receive the 3rd party gateway’s PGP key, AOC documentation, and data staging location (SFTP), along with all pertinent paperwork.

The size of the customer vault will determine the transfer mechanism from CardPointe.

Process Overview

To begin the export process, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Please submit a Export Request ticket through CoPilot for your merchant account. This is located under the Data Migrations ticket type. If you need assistance, please contact 877-828-0720.

  1. Your Sales representative will supply you with a corresponding Data Transfer Agreement and Schedule A forms for you to complete and submit. You are required to provide the contact information of your future payment platform provider.

The Requestor section must be completed by the merchant.

The Third Party section must be completed by the new payment platform provider.

The signatures of each corresponding party must be provided and validated before the agreement can be accepted.

  1. Return a signed copy of the Data Transfer Agreement. Once this is done, the job will be assigned to the Data Migrations team.
  2. The Data Migrations team will work with your new gateway contact to deliver your customer data. The SLA for this process is 30 days. A Data Migrations team representative will be assigned to your case. The representative will confirm all prerequisites for job execution have been completed and add the import project to their current queue.
    1. If required items are missing, the related Support ticket will be updated with a request for this information
  3. Once the export is complete, our team will advise you if any additional steps are needed.
  4. Any fees will be billed on your last processing statement.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information to help you and your merchants: