Welcome to CardPointe! This article outlines the process for importing your current customer vault from another platform to the CardPointe Gateway.

Our Data Migrations team handles the secure, PCI-compliant transmission and import of your customer vault, and provides additional guidance for migrating to CardPointe.

Important Considerations

The CardPointe Gateway is fully compliant with the strict requirements defined by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) for storing and transmitting customer vault data. 

The Data Migrations team will only provide tokenized card information. Any request to provide non-encrypted cardholder data will be denied.

Non-encrypted cardholder data will never be provided as a result of this process.

All data provided to the Data Migrations team must be securely encrypted with our PGP key.

Your customer vault must be encrypted for secure transfer. The size of the customer vault determines the transfer mechanism to CardPointe:

  • If the customer vault is less than or equal to 4 megabytes (MB), the file can be emailed.
  • If the customer vault is greater than 4 MB, the file must be transferred using SFTP.

Review the Import Data Structure section of this page for an overview of how to prepare your data for import.


Depending on the complexity of the data migration project and your place in the queue, this process can take approximately 30 days. This process also requires the coordination of your current provider, which can affect the duration of the project. Once the file is received the import process will begin.


There is no cost associated with importing data to the CardPointe Gateway.

Import Data Structure

Data must be provided as either a CSV, TXT, or XLSX file. The resulting files will have the following headers:

Any additional fields will be visible in the Customers section of the CardPointe Web Application.

Additional information (such as expiration date, demographic information, and company name) can be retrieved by using /profile

Below is an example of this data in an Excel (.xlsx) file.

Alternatively, you may request a token-only import. This is a simplified request meant to tokenize only the card number. Demographic data will not be imported for this request type.

Token-Only imports will contain the following headings:

Process Overview

To start the import process, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Contact your current payment processing platform for any steps they may require for exporting your data.
  2. Please submit a Import Request ticket through CoPilot for your merchant account. This is located under the Data Migrations ticket type. If you need assistance, please contact 877-828-0720.
  3. A Data Migrations team representative will be assigned to your case. The representative will confirm all prerequisites for job execution have been completed and add the import project to their current queue.

    1. If required items are missing, the related Support ticket will be updated with a request for this information
  4. Your current provider will securely provide your encrypted data to CardPointe. It will then be ingested into the CardPointe Gateway.
  5. The request ticket for this process will be marked Completed and results will be provided.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional information to help you and your merchants get started on the CardPointe platform: