To better prevent fraudulent transactions, an upcoming update to the CardPointe Gateway will include a change to ensure that transaction refunds are processed by the originating merchant.

What's Changing?

Beginning on November 4th, 2023, all refund requests sent to the CardPointe Gateway must include the Merchant ID (MID) that was used to process the original transaction.

Refund requests from a different MID, or without a MID, will be declined with a "Txn not found" response.

For example:

    "respproc": "PPS", 
    "resptext": "Txn not found", 
    "retref": "198096236590", 
    "respcode": "29", 
    "respstat": "C" 


This change will be deployed to the UAT and production environments as follows:

  • UAT - 10/23/2023
  • Production - 11/4/2023

It is important that you test your refund workflow in the UAT environment prior to the production deployment to ensure that your application is compatible with this change.

What Do I Need to Do?

If your application or business use multiple merchant IDs and allow refunds across locations, then you might need to update your integration to require the merchant end-user to input the merchant ID (MID) for the original transaction, when processing a refund.

For example, if a customer purchases goods at location A (processed by MID 1234), and attempts to return their purchase for a refund at location B (MID 5678), then the cashier at location B must be able to input or select the merchant ID for location A (typically included on a receipt) to refund the transaction.

This might require changes to your refund policy to require receipts, or to look up the original transaction to obtain the corresponding MID. How you handle these changes depends on your specific payment and refund workflows.


If you have questions or need additional support, contact your relationship manager.