Combining SAP’s scalable small business software with the CardConnect gateway provides you with the tools needed to skillfully manage your business - complete with best-in-class security. Our certified SAP integrations support secure payment acceptance from all of your sales channels. 

  • Enterprise-Level Security
    CardSecure moves all of your customer data to our secure, off-site vault where the sensitive information is encrypted, tokenized and protected from security breaches. Take your entire SAP system out of PCI scope with CardConnect’s integrated P2PE devices.
  • Interchange Optimization
    The CardConnect gateway was specifically designed to pass both Level II and Level III data, meaning you receive the lowest possible rate for each transaction.
  • Superior Processing
    Enjoy low processing rates, a powerful online (and mobile friendly) reporting system and more.
  • Reporting & Reconciliation
    The CardConnect gateway collects vital business data (settlements, deposits, statements, etc.) all in one place. Our customizable reconciliation solution ensures reconciling cash-to-receipts is integrated and automated

SAP Integration FAQs

How do you connect SAP to the CardConnect gateway?

CardConnect connects SAP to the CardConnect gateway using RFC’s via the SAP Router, or directly via the SAP Gateway (in absence of the SAP Router).

What information is required from a customer to connect their SAP system (DEV/QA/PRD)?

The following information is required to connect your SAP system with CardConnect:

  • Public IP of the SAP Router
  • Gateway IP
  • Gateway Port 33, followed by the 2 digit SAP instance number and a 3 digit SAP system ID

How many RFC’s are created?

Two - One for tokenization and another for processing payments (authorization/settlement/voids etc.).

How do you check for a successful connection in SAP?

Using SAP transaction SMGW -> Logged on Client, you can see/check  the status of each connection. Also, perform a connection test using tcode sm59 ->TCP/IP connections for the RFC’s created.

SSL Certificate Update

Our SSL certificate has been updated with a new expiration date. Please refer to SAP SSL Certificate Update to update your SAP instance.