When transferring from one payment processing platform to another, it is imperative for a business to keep any saved customer data in a safe and secure manner.

The CardPointe Data Migrations provides secure import, export, and customer data transfer services for the CardPointe Gateway. The team serves to process this data, with the goal of assisting merchants in smoothly transitioning between platforms.

What is a Data Migration?

Data migrations refer to the movement, transformation, processing, and management of stored cardholder data between the CardPointe Gateway and another payment processor. Both incoming and outgoing merchants can utilize these services to ensure that their customers' information is available on their platform of choice. Depending on this movement there are two requests serviced by the team: Importing Data to CardPointe and Exporting Data from CardPointe.

    Importing Data

    This method is for incoming merchants being bordered to the CardPointe Gateway. Importing data ingests customer records previously stored in a merchant's previous payment processing platform. This allows for the use of fields such as card number, expiration date, and demographic information in the Virtual Terminal or integrated software. Imports are performed free of charge.

    Imported data can be used by merchants or software providers. Imported data will be available for use in CardPointe Web Application. For all merchants using software, an output of results will be provided to your software provider for alignment within your systems. As this data will be provided by your previous provider, all Merchants should initiate this request with their previous gateway prior to offboarding, they will likely have a prescribed series of steps that their support teams will outline.

    Refer to the Importing Your Data to CardPointe Support page for a general overview of our data import process.

    Exporting Data

    This method is for merchants who are leaving the CardPointe Gateway for a new provider and want to take their stored customer records with fields such as card number, expiration date, and demographic information to their new provider. A signed Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) is required for exports. Fees for exportation will be determined by your CardPointe Sales or Support representative.

    Exported data will be used by a Merchant's new gateway provider to ingest their records into their new system. Unfortunately, as we're not tied to this new system, all discussions regarding how this information will be visible/accessible will need to be discussed with your new provider. As this data will be leaving the CardPointe Gateway, please always initiate a request with your support resources to obtain an outline of the required steps to complete an export.

    Refer to the Exporting Your Data from CardPointe Support page for a general overview of our data import process.

    Data Migration Timeline 

    Both imports and exports have an outlined SLA of 30 days from the time the Data Migrations team begins preparing your files. For example, Import SLAs begin once a file is received by the Data Migrations team. Export SLAs begin once all Forms and Fees have been agreed. Once requests are formalized and approved, they will be placed into a queue for processing. This queue is first-come-first-serve, and approximated completion dates provided by the team are contingent on previous items in the queue.

    We understand that you are eager to have your jobs completed and we always aim to finish processing ahead of these timelines; however, the SLA is in place to account for increases in request volume dependent on many factors. To further increase the execution times of your job, we've implemented a series of format standards to provide quicker turnaround on these jobs. The team cannot deviate from these formats. All formatting is outlined in the respective process page.

    Submitting a Migration Request

    Merchants or their sales representatives should submit migration requests to our Support team via the following links: