The CardPointe Desktop card reader (ID TECH Augusta) is a USB card reader that allows you to accept magnetic stripe (MSR) and chip (EMV) payments from your application.

This Guide provides information for setting up, using, and troubleshooting your CardPointe Desktop card reader.

See the CardPointe Desktop SDK Developer Guide for information on integrating the CardPointe Desktop SDK solution with your application.


  • Your merchant account must be boarded to the First Data Rapid Connect processor.
  • You must use a CardPointe Desktop card reader pre-provisioned and provided by us for use with your merchant account. The card reader is preconfigured with the required settings for compatibility with the CardPointe Desktop SDK solution.

Modifications to the device and devices obtained from other vendors are not supported.

Setting up Your Device

Setting up the CardPointe Desktop card reader is simple; just connect the device to an available USB port on your workstation. The device illuminates when connected and ready to use.

Inspecting Your Device

CardConnect recommends that you inspect the device upon receipt and regularly during use for evidence of tampering. When inspecting the device, do the following:

  • Inspect the device for signs of physical damage or alterations.
  • Connect the device and check the LED indicator. A solid red LED indicates that the device has been tampered with.
  • Check the hardware version on the label, power on the device, and check that the firmware/hardware version conforms to the version purchased.
  • Check the EMV and MSR card slots to ensure that no overlay adapter or shim devices have been installed.

The device uses multiple tamper detection mechanisms that detect physical intrusion into the device and invoke a tamper event. A tamper event causes immediate erasure of all sensitive data and cryptographic keys. Once tampered, the device enters a non-operational state and the tri-color status LED remains solid red.

If the device shows any signs of tampering, contact CardPointe Support for assistance.

Using Your CardPointe Desktop Card Reader

The CardPointe Desktop card reader makes reading MSR and EMV cards quick and easy.

The device operates in keyboard mode, allowing it to read a card and output the data to your application as though you manually enter the data using a USB keyboard.

Simply insert or swipe a card, and the device will capture the data and send it to your application automatically.

Depending on your application, you may need to place your cursor in the applicable data entry field. 

The device uses LED illumination and audio signals to indicate a successful or unsuccessful card read. See Understanding the LED Status Indicators below for detailed information.

Understanding the LED Status Indicators

The Augusta includes two LED lights to provide user interface and status information.


The EMV card slot includes a blue LED that tells the user when to insert or remove a card.

BlueSolidInsert Card
BlueFlashing (1s interval)
Remove Card

Tri-Color LED

A second tri-color (red/green/blue) LED located near the MSR slot provides additional status information.

BlueSolidDevice is idle and ready for use
BlueFlashing (500ms interval)
Device ready for MSR or EMV card
BlueFlashing (1s interval)
Remove card
Card seated
GreenSolid (2s)
EMV transaction successful
RedSolid (2s)

One of the following:

  • MSR read unsuccessful
  • EMV read unsuccessful
  • Card seated incorrectly
RedSolid (until card removed)
Read or transaction unsuccessful, remove card
RedSolidDevice tamper detected

Troubleshooting Your Device

The following topics provide additional information for troubleshooting issues with your CardPointe Desktop card reader. Contact CardPointe Support for additional support.

Can I use my own device?

No, you must obtain your devices from CardConnect. Devices are pre-provisioned with the required settings for compatibility with our platform and services. CardConnect does not support modifications to the device configuration, or devices obtained from other vendors for use with this solution.

My device has a solid red LED and has malfunctioned

A solid red LED indicates that the device has been tampered with. See Inspecting Your Device for more information on inspecting the device for evidence of tampering.

Contact CardPointe Support to report a tampered device.