The CardPointe Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS combine Software Development Kits (SDKs) and the CardPointe Mobile payment card reader to integrate secure payment options with your mobile applications.

Features and Benefits

The CardPointe Mobile SDKs extends the following features and benefits to your mobile applications: 

  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) and sample apps for iOS and Androidtm make integration easy.
  • CardSecure's patented data encryption and tokenization keeps customer's payment data secure.
  • Support for in-app payments and secure, stored customer profiles for e-commerce applications.
  • Support for in-person payments using the Bluetooth-enabled CardPointe Mobile card reader.
  • Support for Apple Pay and Google Paytm wallet in-app payments.
  • CardPointe reporting and transaction management provides real-time access to your business' financial information via the CardPointe application or CardPointe Gateway API.

CardPointe Mobile SDK Components

The CardPointe Mobile SDKs components are the CardPointe Mobile SDKs on which you build your application and the CardPointe Mobile card reader to accept card-present payments wherever your business takes you. 

CardPointe SDKs

The CardPointe SDKs for iOS and Android seamlessly connect your mobile applications to CardSecure to securely encrypt and tokenize customers' payment card data. Tokens and associated payment details can then be retrieved by your server application and securely transmitted to the CardPointe Gateway for authorization.

The SDKs include support for both in-app payments for e-commerce applications, as well as in-person payments using the CardPointe SDK Mobile card reader. 

Additionally, the SDKs include support for storing profiles, allowing your customers to securely save their payment details for future transactions on your app.

If you're an Independent software vendor or developer looking to integrate CardPointe Mobile SDK payments with your application, see the CardPointe SDKs Overview to get started.

CardPointe Mobile Card Reader

The CardPointe Mobile card reader enables you to accept in-person payments wherever your business takes you. The Bluetooth card reader securely captures payment card data, which your application securely transmits to CardSecure for tokenization, and the CardPointe Gateway for authorization.

See the CardPointe Mobile Card Reader User's Guide for information on setting up, using, and troubleshooting your CardPointe Mobile card reader.