You can do so much more with CardPointe than just accept and manage payments. Check out our add-ons below, ranging from unique eCommerce experiences to CardPointe terminals. 

The Marketplace within CardPoint is a great first-stop to see what else you can do with CardPointe. To access the marketplace, login to CardPointe and navigate to the Marketplace tab. 

CardPointe Hardware

You can order your terminals directly from the Marketplace screen within CardPointe, by clicking the Order Device button. We have a full range of terminal products to fit your unique needs. 

Card Account Updater

Card Account Updater automatically identifies Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards that have been replaced with a new card number or expiration date, and updates your stored customer payment details with the new card data, helping to reduce declines and improve your customers' experience.

Card Account Updater is not available from the Marketplace tab. Reach out to your sales partner for more information. 


CardConnect's easy-to-use eCommerce solutions enable merchants to process credit cards through the CardConnect Gateway with compatible software, while simultaneously providing them with low processing rates and PCI-certified security. 

POS Solutions

CardPointe integrates with the following Point-of-sale solutions. 

Accounting Software

CardPointe supports add-on modules for popular accounting software systems. These modules allow merchants to easily install and start accepting transactions through the CardPointe Gateway right away.